Creamy Baileys Mousse Pie
Proclaimed by native Irish people to be the real deal! Contains NO Cool Whip.

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Creamy Baileys Mousse Pie

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1 Graham cracker crust Irish / UK cooks: Use digestive biscuits
1 envelope Powdered gelatine
1 cup Heavy cream
0.25 cup Granulated sugar
3 Egg whites
6 fluid ounces Milk
3 fluid ounces Baileys Irish Cream
3 fluid ounces Irish whiskey
2 teaspoons Instant coffee crystals
2 teaspoons Cocoa (technical problem w/ingredient field, sorry!)

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Rich, yummy, with plenty of Baileys and a kick of Irish whiskey to keep it company. We dare you to eat just one slice!

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When you go looking for Baileys pies (or pudding pies, or mousse pies) on the Web, you’ll find lots of them, but from the Irish point of view there’s a problem with a whole lot of them, because they usually contain artificial non-dairy products like Cool Whip. And the native Irish seem to have a prejudice against artificial non dairy… possibly understandable when there’s so much great real dairy around. (More info about this situation can be found here.) Even when there are dietary issues in play, the Irish tendency is to create non-lactose-containing creams rather than use artificial nondairy substitutes.

So for those who prefer genuine dairy in their Baileys pies, we spent some time creating this one that would make our County Wicklow neighbors happy. It has the right balance of regular cream and Baileys Irish cream*, as well as a shot of whiskey to emphasize and reinforce the taste of the Baileys. Give it a try!

INGREDIENT BULLETIN, March 7 2019: Due to a technical problem with our site’s theme, the last ingredient in the ingredients list is missing. It is “cocoa”.

*Or Bailey’s, or Irish Creme. People spell it that way too, even though officially Baileys doesn’t have an apostrophe.


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Make the crust

Prepare the crust and set it aside.


Prepare the milk, cream and flavorings

Blend the Baileys, whiskey, and half the milk in a small bowl and set them aside as well.

In a small microwave-resistant bowl or saucepan, mix the remaining milk with the coffee crystals and cocoa: whisk until completely blended.


Get the thickening agents ready

Whisk the egg whites until the soft-peak stage. Add the sugar tablespoon by tablespoon until stiff peaks form. Set the egg whites aside.

In another small bowl, whip the cream until firm. Set aside.


Prepare the gelatine mixture

Heat the milk/coffee/cocoa mixture until just about to scald: or microwave until steaming hot.

When hot, sprinkle the gelatine over the surface of the mixture and whisk in until completely blended. Transfer into a larger bowl and continue whisking until the mixture cools a little. Then add the Baileys / whiskey / milk mixture and continue to whisk together until completely blended.


Finish combining all the ingredients

Add the whipped cream to the egg whites and fold together a little. Then add this mixture to the liquid in the large bowl and fold in gently until completely combined with the liquid ingredients.

Pour the mixture into the prepared pie crust and chill for at least several hours: overnight would be better.


To serve

The next day, about an hour before you're ready to serve the pie, stick it in the freezer. At serving time, cut the pie into as many serving portions as desired, whip fresh cream, and top each serving of the mousse pie with it. If you like, grate a little chocolate over the top. Stick the rest of the pie (if any...) back in the freezer: it will keep there for a week to ten days before the cream starts losing its flavor to the freezing process.


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Hi KGD! Yes, it is cocoa. And thanks for catching that! — We’re presently having a technical problem with the site’s theme that’s preventing me from making the correction, and it probably won’t be sorted out until the end of the day; but I wanted to let you know right away that you were right about that. So sorry about the hiccup! — EDL // DD

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